Buttermilk Baby Bastille Soap

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This was made with care, and knowing that it will be cleaning those that can't talk for themselves. Brighten up baby's bath with this Bastille Buttermilk Baby Soap which is gentle, all natural, palm free and toxin free. This soap is made with carrot puree and buttermilk to make this soap gentle for babies and sensitive skin. Our soap is SLS free, and perfect for all skin types. Give your baby the bath they deserve with this beautifully gentle soap.

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Buttermilk and Carrot Puree.

Every bar weighs approximately 4 oz to 5 oz and is approximately 3" wide x 2" high x .75" to 1" thick.

Since these soaps are handmade, your cupcake may be slightly different than the pictures above.